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Project Description

Oxy Hood

Oxyhood Elite

Training Tent

The Oxyhood Elite is a highly efficient Altitude Simulation Tent. Used in conjunction with the Genie Generator its low volume enables high levels of altitude to be reached in as little as 10 minutes (2400 metres or 15.3% Oxygen). Its semi pop-up design means it can be easily assembled in less than a minute and folded back down into a neatly designed carry-bag.

Single: (height: 140 cm, width: 65 cm, length: 80 cm)
Ideal for use on a single bed or on one half of a double bed. Enables the athlete’s partner to sleep outside of the tent in the same double bed.

Double: (height: 140cm, width: 135cm, length: 80cm)
Fits on a standard double bed. We also offer a bespoke service to fit larger beds.