Altitude Training

Elevate your performance

Training at altitude has been used to enhance athletic performance for decades and it’s a big factor in explaining the success of high altitude countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia at endurance running events. Put simply the lower oxygen levels found at higher altitudes cause adaptations in the body which increase the efficiency of oxygen uptake. These adaptations cause the body to work more efficiently, getting you to your peak performance fast.

Professional athletes such as Mo Farah, Mario Mola and Chris Froome train in high altitude camps such as Iten in Kenya to reap the benefits of low oxygen environments. But increasingly they are using simulated altitude systems to achieve the same results at sea level. Hypoxic (low oxygen) air generators alter the composition of air in an enclosed environment, such as a tent, to simulate high altitude.

Sleep High

Sleeping in a low oxygen environment stimulates the body to increase haemoglobin, the cells that transport oxygen in our blood. This improves the efficiency of oxygen uptake and can enable increased intensity and duration of training. Improvements can normally be seen three to five weeks after sleeping or resting at altitude for 8 hours a day.

Train High

The purpose of any training regime is to place the body under stress so that adaptations occur and cause the body to work more efficiently. Training in a simulated altitude environment stresses the muscles to work with lower levels of oxygen and make adaptations in muscular cell structure which will improve future performance. A block of ‘High Training’ can push on an athlete who has plateaued or help an injured athlete stay competitive on a lower intensity training programme.

Simulated Altitude Training offers a safe alternative to expensive, overseas trips and brings elite training methods into the comfort of your own home. The benefits to the body means the athlete can reduce the amount of training to get the same results making it perfect for the time-pressed athlete or those training for multi discipline events.