The Genie3 Generator pumps Hypoxic (low oxygen) air into a sleeping or training tent via tubing and a silencing bag. This simulates a high altitude environment inside the tent of up to 4000m. By increasing the length of the tubing the generator can be kept in another room.

The Genie3 Generator embraces the latest developments in the reduction of sound and power consumption which has lowered the operating cost.

• Simulated altitude: Heights up to 4000m (tent dependent)
• Low operating cost (approx 50p per day)
• 80-100 litres per minute flow rate
• Electrical requirements: 312 W / 220-240 V
• Eco friendly
• Sound level: 40dbA (50Hz)
• Warranty: 1-year
• Weight: 14kg
• Dimensions (Height 45 cm x Width 35 cm x Length 15 cm)